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Kayak Rental

17 Mile Drive is Open for Tours and Rentals
The best Air Quality is along our beautiful coastline.

Quick Details

All kayak rentals include a paddling instruction and orientation to the wildlife and proper etiquette for any encounters with them.

Duration: Custom

Hourly rentals available on site. Subject to availability.

2-Hour Single Kayak Rental
4-Hour Single Kayak Rental
2-Hour Tandem Kayak Rental
4-Hour Tandem Kayak Rental

Enjoy paddling around in the Monterey Bay

See tons of marine life – from endangered sea otters to lounging harbor seals to frolicking sea lions. You might even see a whale or dolphin! Jelly fish often drift by. Explore the kelp forest and the many little snails and other creatures that live on it. Marvel at the fishing cormorants and egrets. Take in the land scene from the water! It a memorable experience to paddle out from Lovers Point, and made even easier with our convenient kayak rentals!

We have open deck sit-on top kayaks – both singles and tandems. We provide you with dry clothes that go on over your clothing – both pants and a jacket and, of course, a life vest!! It’s a barefoot adventure but if you have boat shoes you can always wear them as well.

Novices are welcome. The conditions are generally calmer in the mornings – don’t let the fog scare you away as the ocean conditions are generally very flat and still and it provides a mystical feeling! We offer a daily rate and an hourly rate for our kayak rentals. However, only daily rates can be reserved. Hourly rates are based on availability.