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Kids Corner

Lover Point Beach is Open for all of your Biking and Kayaking Adventures

17 Mile Drive is Open for Tours and Rentals

The best Air Quality is along our beautiful coastline.

We have lots of rental toys for the kids!

Bring the kids down to Lovers Point beach and let them play in the water!

Take advantage of this California beach, which is perfect for younger children to play in the water with your supervision from the shore. The small cove creates a protected ocean area that calls to your kids. Let the young ones try a small wetsuit to last even longer in water.

Children between the ages of 4-13 can enjoy our special mini-kayaks that are perfect option to paddle around the cove.

We also carry many cool toys, including:

  • Boogie boards are available for daily use.
  • Soft top surfboards for floating and playing around in the water.
  • Volleyballs you can rent for the sand court if the family wants to get competitive.

Plan your perfect family vacation in Monterey with our kid-friendly water toy rentals!